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Site Council

Duniway Middle School is committed to creating a caring community of students, educators, support staff, and parents. Our efforts to nurture a positive atmosphere are guided by the needs of middle school students. This includes a deep commitment to providing a balanced program of academics, special interest opportunities, advisory, and extra-curricular activities to meet the unique social, emotional, and cognitive needs of today’s adolescent.

The Site Council has assumed, in accordance with State law and District Board policy, the responsibility for the following duties:

  • The development of plans to improve the professional growth of the school staff.
  • The improvement of the school’s instructional programs.
  • The development and coordination of plans for the implementation of programs under this charter at the school.
  • The administration of grants-in-aid for the professional development of teachers and classified district employees.

In addition the Council is also responsible for the development of the school improvement plan which is then presented to the School Board.

Our Site Council consists of our principal, three teachers, one classified staff member, and two parents.